Who is HealthCare U?

HealthCare U is the first and only online sales training platform designed by healthcare sales reps for healthcare sales reps. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to become a successful sales representative in the healthcare industry. 

Are you ready to be your best?

Accelerate Your Sales Success

The Invaluable Benefits of Sales 101

Join the first sales platform that is created by healthcare reps, for healthcare reps. 

Learn in months what it takes some reps years to figure out

Build the competency that will set you apart from your competition

Cultivate the tools that will help you form lifelong client relationships  

Master the communication skills that will set your career on the right path

Grab your ticket to incredible sales with the Sales 101 course!

Who Benefits Most?

  • Aspiring Reps

    You desperately want to land that six figure healthcare sales position. But how can you get hired when you have no experience? The Sales 101 course will give you the information and expertise that finally gets you past the hiring hurdle and into the sales career of your dreams.

  • New Reps

    How do I set up my territory? What is my daily routine? What do my accounts need from me? After the euphoria of landing your first healthcare sales rep job wears off, these are the questions that will keep you up at night. Get the answers with Sales 101!

Course Curriculum

Get your sales career started on the right track

Introduction - Follow these suggestions to maximize your results

Your Audience - Understand what's important to the key players in your doctor's office

Basic Communication Skills - Learn the fundamentals of your most important skill set 

Territory Management - Set your territory up for long-term success

New Account Protocol - Differentiate yourself in the first 90 days with your new clients

Daily Routine - Get the most out of every day by developing the best habits early on

Terminology of Healthcare - Connect with your customers by speaking their language

Interview Process (Aspiring Rep) - Critical tips that will set you up for success 

Meet Your Instructor

  • Vick Tipnes


    Vick Tipnes

    Hi, I’m Vick! I’ve built my career in Healthcare and am really passionate about the space. I have a personal attachment to healthcare, having lost both my parents to cancer when I was younger. I have been part of the industry for over 17 years and have been fortunate to have grown my own medical device company, Blackstone Medical Services, by 345% over the past few years. We became an Inc. 5000 company with a world class sales team. I'm excited to provide the insights we learned to help you too become a world class sales professional.

What are others saying?

Angi Mentze

Love these videos!

Angi Mentze

“Sometimes when you’ve been marketing for so long, you think you’re remembering everything you need to know. But some of these videos have made me say ‘holy crap, I knew that, why haven’t I been doing it!!??’ Love these videos! Very helpful!”
Werner Coetzee

Great course!

Werner Coetzee

“Great Course! I highly recommend for healthcare representatives! Full of ideas, suggestions, and tips to close more sales in the healthcare industry!”


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Your access lasts as long as you continue your subscription.

  • What if I bought the beta? Do I have access to the official course?

    Absolutely! If you paid for the beta, at any price, you will be provided access to the official course.

  • Can I get a refund if I don't like the course?

    Though we will be sad to see you go, we understand that our program may not be everyone's perfect fit. At this time, we are not offering refunds should you decide to leave the program. We will however cancel your account and you will no longer be charged.

  • Is there any certification offered with this course?

    Once the course is completed, you will be awarded a certificate signifying that you have mastered the course. Although, we highly recommend reviewing this course even after completion in order to better promote the application of material.

  • Who should I contact if I have questions or problems?

    You can click the contact link on our page, as well as email info@healthcareu.online. We are also very responsive on our social media channels.

P.S. To be your best, you must continue to learn. If you're not advancing, you're falling behind!